Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fall is finally here… It is my favorite time of year. Leaves changing colors from green to yellow to a brilliant red hue. Football is well under way. Fans going crazy picking fantasy teams and hoping that their team wins. Tough football players, referees and coaches take the field wearing pink cleats and other pink accessories…  Why all this pink??   A pink ribbon is correlated with Breast Cancer Awareness.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The NFL in partnership with The American Cancer Society has proposed a campaign called “A Crucial Catch” Much of the pink apparel worn by players, referees and coaches will be auctioned at the NFL auction. The proceeds of this auction will benefit the American. Cancer Society’s Community Health Advocates. The goal is to provide breast cancer education and free or low cost screenings for underserved communities.

On Tuesday October 25, 2016 grant funded community health system partners will team up with The American Cancer Society and the NFL to launch the third nationwide “Crucial Catch Day”. A “Crucial Catch “campaign began in 2009 and has raised 15 million dollars for the American Cancer Society, with the majority of contributions coming from the sale of breast cancer awareness-identified pink merchandise.

Breast cancer along with skin cancer are the most common forms of cancer affecting women in the United States. Thanks to early detection and improvements in treatment millions of women are being saved from breast cancer.


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