Age Is Just A Number

We live in a culture that tends to look at sex as something for the young; that as you get older, you shrivel up, no longer have sex, and just sit around doing crossword puzzles.  Studies have indicated otherwise; many senior citizens continue to have sex and want to have a vibrant sex life.  Lately I’ve been seeing more movie and TV content that has characters middle-age and older enjoying passionate relationships and I’m happy that writers are not reserving that experience for the younger characters. 

Menopause can be an adjustment for many women as their body goes through various changes physiologically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually.  Menopause may mark the end of reproductive years, but it  doesn’t have to mean that it is the end of being a sexual being.  What you believe about sex as you age plays a key role in your perspective on this. But your beliefs can change. Ask yourself what kind of perceptions you have about aging and sexuality. Where did they come from? What are they based on? Exploring these ideas can be helpful on many levels, regardless of how old you are. 

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