Hope For Vaginismus

Suffering from sexual dysfunction is often a lonely struggle, especially for women who have primary vaginismus.

It’s hard for the average person to imagine a couple being together for years and not be able to have intercourse. It sounds like a strange, bizarre phenomenon that can’t happen to modern, wordly, successful people who are in loving relationships.  But it does. And statistically speaking, we all know couples whose relationships have been impacted by vaginimus. 

In some cases, vaginismus is what is behind infertility. In some cases, it’s what’s behind divorce. And even if it doesn’t have those ramifications, vaginismus typically exists in a relationship like a dark cloud; always there, always putting a shadow on the joys, always having a way of raining on the parade.  The pain is beyond physical; it’s deeply emotional, a feeling of being excluded from a femininity that seems to have been to bestowed to everyone else but you. It’s a black hole, an abyss that has swallowed up days, months, and years, with genuine but often futile attempts to “just focus on the positive” of everything else in your life. The thing is, it’s hard to enjoy everything else in your life when everything else in your life is impacted by vaginismus. It’s the silent octopus, with legs extending to every domain, flailing and causing disruption.  

The good news is that vaginismus is not a hopeless condition.  We’ve seen hundreds of women create new lives for themselves with the resolution of vaginismus.  New beginnings can happen, life can be enjoyed, and love can be pursued wholeheartedly without holding back due to vaginismus symptoms.  

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