It’s About Time!

Since when has sex become a competitive sport?  Is there an imaginary command in our psyches saying “on your mark, get set, go “ and a judge timing  us at the finish line?  We worry about what is the “normal” amount of time for a sexual encounter.

Patients at Maze bring this concern up  from time to time : Such as “sex only lasted 12 minutes.”  But, guess what? In Maureen O’Connor’s  N.Y. Times Magazine  article in the September 21-October 4, 2015 issue titled , “How Long Should Sex Actually Last?”,  she writes that most researchers agree  that the average is “something like  6 minutes.”

Commonly, peoples’ response  to this is “that’s all?” A 2008 survey of sex therapists found that 7-13 minutes  is “desirable .”  So, if everyone wants the sexual experience  to be longer, why not “fool around” more ? Or is it  that couples  aren’t communicating ? Is it that the encounter seems longer but the clock tells a different story ? Are we overestimating  how much we truly desire? Or even  just thinking that we are  supposed to want it to last longer?

It seems to me  that having a good time whether  it’s a “quickie” or  “gourmet sex”  is what truly matters. If there has to be a clock involved, there is a 24-hour sex position wall clock that can be purchased on Amazon!

For the complete NY Times Magazine Article, click here.

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