365 Days to Love Your Lover!

When I would wish my Mom a Happy Mother’s Day (on that designated Sunday), she would tell me “everyday is Mother’s day.” I assumed this meant that she is a mom every day and acknowledging that fact one day a year isn’t going to cut it! Her words give me pause. Which brings me to Valentine’s Day.

It’s wonderful to have a holiday celebrating love, as people need to be told, assured, and shown that they are loved. Holidays make things special, separate, and exciting. Who doesn’t want a heart shaped box of delicious chocolates, long stemmed red roses, or any romantic gesture.  In my work with women at Maze, feeling “beloved” is essential to a relationship. I am not proposing chocolate and flowers everyday, but how about:

*a daily dose of hugs and kisses;

 *telling your special someone that you are nuts about them ;

*telling  your partner how you appreciate something you just noticed   about them;

*sharing quiet time together;

*complimenting  each other ;

 *asking how their day is going ;

*writing a love letter ;

 *helping with the house or car;

*taking a walk together ;

*saying thank you ;

*saying  “I love the way you  ………”!

This way you will have a bit of Valentine’s Day everyday!

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