I Am So Sexy- Playlist

While I do lament that the days of the mixed tape are over, I have to say Spotify and Sound Cloud have proven to be pretty great replacements. Creating your own personal “Soundtrack” or “Play List” is not only free on these sites, but a great way to think about what songs make you feel certain ways, and how music really can change your mood, or maybe even get you in the mood?

Many of our patients state they have a hard time “blocking out distractions,” or say they are “just not in the mood” for sex as much as they would like to be. We know there are numerous reasons for this, and a sexy soundtrack is not the only answer to their issues. However, much like erotica, it can be another tool to get your mind and body where you want them to be. We often think of “sexy music” as “romantic music” like Al Green crooning away “Let’s Stay Together.” But how about making an “I am SO Sexy” playlist? What songs make you feel good, feel sexy? Firework by Katy Perry, or Happy by Pharrell Williams might be a good place to start, and of course I am too Sexy by Right Said Fred is always a favorite. These songs and thousands more are all waiting for you to create your very own soundtrack! Plug “sexy” into Spotify and see what you get as plenty of others have shared their sexy soundtracks to help you on your way.                                    

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