Why nice guys finish last.

I enjoyed reading this blog written by Steven Snyder, MD on the plight of being a nice guy. I often see women who say they want to date a “nice guy” and then I have seen these same women complain that their “nice guy” is annoying, a pushover, a momma’s boy…you get the point.

Dr. Snyder explains, “Women, like men, want a partner who can fully express their own needs and wants in a relationship.” Although that is not always easy to do, I can testify that my patients who are happy in their relationships, where both partners are thriving, embrace their own needs and live symbiotically and not submissively.

Dr. Snyder sums it up perfectly, “That ongoing vitality in love comes from the creative tension between two individuals’ competing needs, not from submission of one to the other.”

Read Dr. Snyder’s entire blog.

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