Happy new year 2015: you come first!

When I first started working at the Center, most of my patients would tell me they waited 2-3 years to make an appointment after learning about us. They would often tell me that they put their sexual health low on the totem pole but after walking through out doors they wished they had come in sooner. Many women understandably deal with sexual dysfunction in silence; harboring a lot of shame, embarrassment and fear that things will never get better. Over time, this can have a lasting negative impact on the emotional health of a woman and her relationships with others.

Lately, I have been noticing a new trend. More women are coming in a lot sooner after learning about us. I recently had a patient who scheduled an appointment a month after learning about us from her gynecologist. She had been suffering with severe pain during intercourse. I was amazed that she was still able to have intercourse based on the severity of vaginal atrophy she presented with. Although she had been on systemic estrogen replacement for 5 years her vaginal tissue was not well estrogenized. Her hot flashes and night sweats had been successfully managed with her current systemic estrogen dosage, but her vaginal tissue was still  “thirsty” for estrogen. Once she started applying local estrogen cream to the external vaginal tissue in conjunction with dilation treatment, her pain resolved. 

At our last appointment she got emotional talking about how “free” she feels now.  She feels more connected to her body and to her partner and that makes her feel more whole and able to be there for others. She point blank stated, “I’m so glad I put myself first and didn’t wait!” If she had waited another 2-3 years, the treatment plan could have been more complicated. 

As we embark on another new year, a new start, a time for renewal: I urge you to put yourself first. If you are having issues with low desire, arousal, difficulty with orgasms and/or painful intercourse…we can help. You come first.

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