FDA public meeting on FSD.

The FDA is having a two day public meeting and scientific workshop on Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) this week. The FDA is interested in obtaining patient input on the impact of the most common form of FSD (low desire and arousal). They are also interested in learning from women the effectiveness of the treatments that are currently available.

Currently there are no FDA approved medications for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction. The current treatment regimens are being used off-label. For example, for the treatment of hypoactive sexual dysfunction disorder (HSDD) testosterone is widely recognized as a successful treatment. Since there are no FDA approved testosterone products on the market for women, testosterone products developed for men are being used. Medications like Testim and Androgel are being used successfully in smaller doses for women.

Hopefully, this public meeting will help convince the FDA that the time has come to support the development of medications for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction.

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