Orgasm fairy tales and the movies – Part I.

You watched a movie last night and you are wondering, yet again, why the woman in the movie was writhing, screaming and moaning when she reached orgasm and why, let’s be honest, your orgasms seem so pale in comparison. Or worse yet, why you are not having orgasms at all.

There are many parts of sex which get horribly distorted by movies, but perhaps none as much as orgasm. Whenever I speak, I point out that movie scenes have probably created more misconceptions about sex than parents have. And that, frankly, is saying a lot. In movies when you have sex the clothes fall off magically (What? No buttons, zippers or neck holes?), the penis seems to magically find its way into the vagina like a homing pigeon (What? No one’s hand is guiding it?) and there seems to be no wet spot at the end of the tryst. But perhaps most problematic is that the women’s orgasms, which happen from vaginal intercourse only (ha!) are loud, explosive and usually happen conveniently at the same time as her partner’s. This falls under the heading of fairy tales, where princesses with long blond hair allow access to prison towers. Sorry folks, that scenario doesn’t exist in our world, although the story is entertaining. The problem is that for many of us this is all the information we’ve ever gotten about orgasms.

My next post will try to give you more realistic  information about orgasms, so stay tuned…

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