Sex at any size.

Okay. This blog goes deep into a belief system we all struggle with. Every single woman I know. No matter what we say, or how hard we work at it, most women feel that there is something wrong with their bodies and the way that they look. Period. And this gets in the way (big time) of feeling sexy.

Most women feel that their breast are too big/small, their ass is too big/small, they have cellulite, their vulva looks funny…and the list just goes on and on.

In the most obvious case, this is true with heavy woman who just can’t imagine how someone would find them sexy. Especially because we live in a society where putting down fat people and blaming them is perfectly acceptable behavior. (Which is odd because we don’t allow the same to be done to depressed people, people with heart disease or even people whose grammar sucks, but I digress.) I know this, because I am heavy and I face this behavior daily. True, it’s a little easier for me than many heavy women because I am in loving relationship with a husband who finds me beautiful and sexy and because I’m a sex therapist, so that kind of speaks for itself. But still, I am faced every day with the fact that the media tells heavy woman that they do not have a right to feel hot, sexy, beautiful. And I spend my days combating the message that your body is only beautiful if you look like Catherine Zeta Jones,or maybe Barbie.

Well, for all those of you out there who believe this (or kinda believe it, even if you think you shouldn’t) – THIS LINK IS FOR YOU.

The writer is awesome and I wish I could put this in the inbox of all of my clients!

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