The art of the quickie.

A patient told me a story this morning.

She and her husband usually have sex about two times a week. Generally, it’s Saturday night and one other night during the week, either when they go to bed, or if their teenage kids happen to be out one evening. Last week, her husband approached her on Tuesday night and started kissing her. She was beyond exhausted and couldn’t muster up the energy to be amorous. She apologized to her husband and promised to make it up to him and feel asleep almost before the words were out.

The next morning when she woke up she found herself feeling interested. It wasn’t like she was having strong urges to have sex, but the IDEA of sex was kind of appealing and she found herself smiling when she thought of having morning sex. As everyone ran through their morning rush, she found a few seconds with her husband and suggested that maybe it would be worth his while to go in a few minutes late to work that morning. He looked dumbfounded but not displeased. Low and behold, when she arrived home, after having dropped off the kids at school, he was waiting for her, with open arms.

They both looked at the time and knew they were racing against the clock. Neither particularly wanted to be late for work but the idea of fast, unplanned sex which was just a little bit mischievous because it was coming out of “responsible” time was working it’s charm. Twenty minutes and two great orgasms later they were re-buttoning up their clothing and re-tying his tie. Now they both had smiles on their faces. As they grabbed their bags to rush out the door, her husband patted her backside.

She said to me: “It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes it’s great to feel like you are in your twenties again!”

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