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I love New Year’s Resolution time.

For a limited period, people feel comfortable sharing their hopes and dreams for the coming year. Whereas during the rest of the year people may feel inhibited in discussing their introspective feelings, during New Year’s Resolution time it seems more popular to talk like Oprah.

Some of the most common resolutions include weight loss, joining a gym (or actually using the membership this time), spending more time with family, getting organized, taking on a new project, and quitting _________ (insert addiction here).

But more often than not, New Year’s Resolutions are broken. Then why do people keep trying?

Perhaps it’s the power of a new beginning.

But for a woman suffering from sexual dysfunction, it’s difficult to ever feel like she has a new beginning. If she’s been told that the problem is all ‘in her head’, then she has probably already tried coaching herself or being coached by others to believe she can have a new beginning if only she changes her mindset.

However, for many women this is not the case. A new beginning can’t just be a mindset. It needs to be accompanied with action.

If you suffer from sexual dysfunction, take the next step in your resolution and reach out for help. It may be frightening at first, but as we have seen with our thousands of patients, the road to relief is way more scenic than the traffic circle of despair.

New beginnings don’t happen on their own. So take the next step, get help, and leave 2012 behind.

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