Is there a new clue to persistent sexual arousal in women? By Deborah Coady, Nancy Fish.

According to an article on, a new study conducted by researchers at Rutgers University shows that Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder could be caused by small growths called Tarlov cysts along the lower spine.

While we’re glad persistent genital arousal is finally being given the attention it deserves by the medical research community, as it is one of the most severe and upsetting types of sexual pain, this article shows the research process in action but in my opinion places too much hope on the possibility that Tarlov cysts may be the cause. In my experience chronic clitoral pain and painful arousal almost always involve nerve injury anywhere from the spinal cord, down through the pudendal nerve, and/or into the small dorsal branch to the clitoris. Much can now be done medically and with injections to calm this nerve dysfunction, without resorting to the very risky surgery of Tarlov cysts. I hope this article does not prompt women to jump to such an unproven treatment until a controlled study is done to show if it is really beneficial.

Mind and Body, Pain and Truth By Deborah Coady, Nancy Fish | June 04, 2012 at 01:16 PM EDT

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