“Staying Well with Guided Imagery.”

I highly recommend the book, “Staying Well with Guided Imagery,” by Belleruth Naperstek. Ms. Naperstek is a psychotherapist who has worked with patients of all kinds, from the “worried well” to the chronically ill. In her work as a therapist she began to use guided imagery tapes to help individuals work towards healing and health.

Naperstek has created many cds; some are focused on a particular ailment or illness like cancer or anxiety, and some are geared towards overall health. In my work at the Center we work with many women struggling with Vaginismus. These patients often have an intense fear of any kind of vaginal penetration. Guided imagery may be helpful both in viewing penetration in a new and more positive light and in terms of managing anxiety throughout the process of dilation (which can be very anxiety producing).

I recommend both the book and the cds. Not everyone likes Naperstek’s voice but the ideas and research behind her work are powerful and guided imagery is certainly worth a try for anyone struggling with an issue either acute or chronic.

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