Post orgasm crunch — Is it a new cereal?

Today we had an hysterical appointment with a patient where we created the new sensation, “post orgasm crunch”…okay. I’ll be honest. It wasn’t a new sensation but a problem that needed to be solved.

The patient was talking about the fact that when she is having intercourse with her husband she will sometimes have an orgasm and that any thrusting he does immediately afterwards is very painful to her. As a result he will need to pull out which, as you can well imagine, doesn’t always work so well for him. I suggested at our last appointment that instead of having him pull out he just stay still for 20-30 seconds. It’s working well for the patient.

However, when she came in today and I asked her how the whole “post orgasm crunch” thing was going, she first looked at me blankly and then burst into peals of laughter. “Sounds like a cereal,” she said and the marketing possibilities had us all in stitches for the next few minutes.

All joking aside, each woman’s vagina seems to react differently to orgasm. Some women say their vagina relaxes and loosens up and intercourse is more comfortable after orgasm. For other women (and this patient was one example), the orgasm tenses the vagina and makes penetration more challenging. So which woman are you?

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