I’ve been converted.

At the Medical Center I recently saw a patient who had rarely used vibrators. She came to see us to try to improve her orgasms, which had become weaker and taking her longer to achieve. We often see this in women as they age; sometimes it is a shift in hormones, which we can address, and sometimes a woman just needs more intense stimulation. This particular woman had never had any difficulty having orgasms before, so understandably she was distraught. We have several treatments for this issue, one of which is a vibrator.

If we feel a vibrator is needed, we generally select a few vibrators we think would best suit the patient and allow them to try them while in our office. We have many types to choose from: small, large, internal and external, for individual use and some for use with a partner. I chose a few and set her up in the exam room. Women generally try a few and then turn on a light in the exam room to let us know when they are done.

I will never forget her face when I came back to get her.

She shook my hand repeatedly and kept saying, “Thank you!”. I have certainly heard this from women who have never had orgasms before and suddenly have one with a strong vibrator, but this was something different. And what was different was that she said, ” I have been converted!”. She said that she had tried one or two vibrators in her life, but she had never really been into using one. But there were several she tried with us that were both fun and made her feel even better!

The great thing about one’s sexuality is that it is constantly changing. As we age our bodies change. Our desire, fantasies and lives change so it makes perfect sense that what might have turned you on at one point doesn’t anymore. It is great to offer women new and different ways to experience pleasure, even ways that they had tried previously and never enjoyed. Be open and try new things…you never know what you might find.

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