Testosterone: The most misunderstood hormone.

I have spent a lot of time in the last few months analyzing testosterone research. The bottom line is we all need it for healthy sexual functioning. Men and women both make it and men and women both need it to have healthy sexual functioning. If either group does not have enough testosterone, his or her libido will probably decline. So we have found replacement Testosterone is one of the best ways to treat low desire. Obviously men and women needs different amounts but ultimately they both need to have it circulating in their bodies for optimal health. Women always ask if they will start to see masculinizing side effects. Though there are some slight side effects, we do not generally see that. In fact, what we see is improved sex drive and an improved sense of overall well being. The research supports our experience that using Testosterone improves desire. I have seen plenty of published research and a lot of women we have treated report its efficacy in improving low desire.

The question is whether or not there is a risk to taking it. In the past estrogen has been linked to breast cancer. And testosterone and estrogen have a similar molecular structure. After many months of reviewing the most recent literature I would say that we cannot definitively say there is no risk. However we can say that there does not seem to be a strong risk. All medications have a risk. All pharmaceutical companies must print warnings on the bottle or package because every individual’s body is unique and medications affect everyone differently. Every individual brings a different background to the decision and history and genetics all play a part that I think is important in the decision making process. What i would say is if you are suffering from low desire, there are lots of things that can be done to help improve it, and Testosterone is one of them.

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