Religion and sex.

Some religions think sex is a sin. Many do not. The frustrating thing is that even religions which do not have this view seem to have adopted aspects of this way of thinking. And it’s even more frustrating when people who do not consider themselves religious somehow absorb the idea that sex is sinful.

Why? It is clear that religion has played a powerful role in our communal psyche, even for people who don’t practice or consider themselves religious. I wonder, though, whether some of this perspective is shaped by the fact that sex is fun, and in a weird way we’ve been conditioned to be skeptical of fun. You know the old joke that sex is the best pastime. It’s great exercise, doesn’t cost money and feels great! I wonder if we think that anything that feels that good MUST be “bad.”

The truth is that in some religions, sex is considered a wonderful thing, especially within the context of a committed relationship.

So let’s try to get past the taboos which may not really be relevant to us, and realize that having fun is a good thing. And so is sex!

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