Your partner is fine.

Your partner is FINE

We are always amused when patients assume that the reason they can’t reach orgasm through intercourse is because they don’t have a skillful partner, or that somehow their partner doesn’t try hard enough.

At the Center, we are well aware of the fact (and you see it all the time in our blog) that only 33% of women have an orgasm from intercourse. That is, whether or not you orgasm from intercourse is inherent to your body and not particularly dependent on your partner or his/her skill. But if you’d like some proof of that, here’s an interesting study.

Essentially, a research group approached twins to see if their orgasmic patterns matched up, and low and behold, they did. Twins achieved orgasm through the same pattern which is evidence that when and how you orgasm is at least partially, if not primarily, genetic.

So don’t blame your partner. And certainly don’t “blame” yourself. Have orgasms however it is easiest for you!

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