Zestra vs the advertising industry.

Thank you, Nightline.

My only wish is that the story on Zestra — the topical oil-based product said to increase women’s sensitivity to touch and help them feel greater sexual satisfaction — aired during prime time so more people could hear the words “women” and “sex” or “sexual satifaction” or “arousal” or “desire” in the same sentence.

Hmmm. We can advertise alchohol and tobacco, at least in print, Cocoa Puffs on Saturday morning and Viagra/Cialis/Levitra etc all the time. But no one can talk about women and sex. Women feeling sexual. Women wanting to be sexually satisfied. Women wanting to please their partners by wanting sex more often. Women taking control of their sex lives.

There. I said it.

We can discuss overactive bladder, the gastrointestinal side effects of diet medication, impotence in hair growth treatment…..but not sexual satisfaction for women.

This absurd situation has so many twists it could be an O’Henry story.

“Can’t pay for ads? Ok, we’ll take it for Free! ” Management of Semprae Laboratories manages to achieve hours of free airtime over radio, tv and the web because no one will let them pay for advertising. Dr. Laura Berman, Dr. Hilda Hutcherson, Rachel Ray, and all our crazy gals on The View are talking about it on the air. The joke is on whom?

Since the web has been eating the networks’ lunch you’d think they’d understand the word “viral” by now…

Does anyone wonder why some of the medications in trial have been negatively judged by the FDA? I’m not being paranoid, am I?

Bravo to Nightline for discussing the absurd behavior of the US media, for fairly giving these entrepreneurs a chance to tell their story, and for giving women a moment (even if it’s at midnight) to think about and explore their own sexual health. I know first hand from our work at MCFS that this topic isn’t going away.

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