Should dinner always come first?

I’ve been thinking of the very romantic notions we have regarding dinner dates.

The typical order of events is: large, beautiful, (usually quite saucy) romantic meals and then great sex. In a way that makes sense because dinner is seen as the wooing and romancing which is then followed by sex. The problem with this picture is that so many people I know say they have better sex BEFORE they eat. Big dinners make them sluggish and tired, not exactly the two adjectives you’d want to use before the word “sex.”

Some people even go so far as to say that sex is better when they are a little bit hungry. Their senses are attuned and heightened. Now, I’m not suggesting that you starve yourself into great sex…I’m just suggesting that maybe flipping around the order a bit would make sex better.

So, next time you have a hot dinner date, maybe ravage your date BEFORE DINNER, doze for a few minutes and then go indulge your (now much bigger) appetite. Or, to help this fit into our real lives, when your partner gets home from work, suggest a before-dinner tryst and see what happens!

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