Response from a patient on the “medicalization” of female sexuality debate.

We received an unsolicited response to Dr. Marcus’ position piece on the “medicalization” of female sexuality from a patient. Her words speak for themselves.

“The last time I was in the office I told Dr.Marcus that she will be remembered for her contribution to Female Sexuality the way that Margaret Sanger was with birth control.

“I read the article (in the latest e-newsletter from the Medical Center for Female Sexuality) and I could not agree more. It took a great deal of courage for me to pick up the phone and make that first appointment. I had spoken with a psychotherapist at length about the problem itching. discomfort and pain in my vagina; loss of desire that had nothing to do with my attraction to and love for my partner and finally my inability to achieve orgasms after being someone who previously had no sexual problems and certainly no problems achieving an orgasm. As I was in a new relationship my therapist said it was just a matter of getting comfortable with a new person. I know my body and I knew she was wrong. I tried the ‘herbal cures”, specifically Thandia from Native Remedies. Three months and I felt no difference.

“I have been on Dr. Marcus’ s treatment regime for less than a month. The vaginal dryness and discomfort ended the first week. My level of sexual desire has returned almost to the level it was before I noticed a change and this weekend I had an orgasm that was as good as some of the ones I had at 30. So, I am a firm believer that there is no “magic pill” but a complex mixture of supports that Dr. Marcus has developed for each patient. You saved my sexuality and thus my relationship which is a huge part of my ongoing happiness.”

“M”, July 2010

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