Green sex toys? Well, eco-friendly anyway.

Does anyone else have a hard time reading all the magazines that get delivered each week or month? It’s crushing, sometimes. But before I throw it all away I try to peruse headlines just so I’m not left speechless at an upcoming cocktail party.

Here’s where that pays off:

In Time Out New York, a weekly event magazine, there is a column called “Sex & Dating.” In the April 28th edition (sorry for the delay) there is a report on eco-friendly sex toys, including something called a “Tidy Cloth” that resembles grandma’s hankie but is used for other purposes, a wooden dildo varnished to a glimmer, sea oils and a few ideas having to do with rope (hemp, the kind that softens with use…)

Take a look. It’s summertime! Time Out New York Sex & Dating.

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