“Sex and the City” sparks interesting commentary — if nothing else — among reviewers.

OK, so by now you’ve all read the reviews of SATC2 and, sadly, it has become the punching bag of movie critics around the world.

But this piece from www.womenandhollywood.com is fascinating in its review of, well, the reviewers. Melissa Silverstein writes that the movie’s shortcomings have served as a conduit for a “pent up torrent of misogyny against women” and has provided avenues for excessive ‘meanness’ that is, frankly, undeserved, regardless of how bad the movie may be.

Silverstein makes her point, of course, by comparing the SATC2 commentary to Polanski’s escapades and the postively regarded movie, The Hangover.

It’s hard to ignore the claim in this article that the opportunity to unleash a venomous attack on aging women was too tempting to ignore. Rather than read more bad reviews, take a minute to consider this perspective on women, the movies and critics of both.

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