Tiger Woods and sex…

It was only a matter of time before Tiger ended up in rehab for “sex addiction.” I’ve been predicting this scenario publicly since November. It appears that Tiger is now at Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Mississippi, not South Africa as originally reported. I would like to dispel a common myth among women who have been cheated on. Men don’t cheat because of your appearance. Trust me, Tiger’s admitted “transgressions” didn’t have anything to do with Elin’s looks!

Infidelity is about unfulfilled needs, low self esteem, compulsivity, irresponsibility and a low emotional IQ. Cheating can be about getting even and a lot of other things including narcissism which raises a lot of questions about Tiger. If you would like to read more about the impact of “sex addiction” and infidelity, you might enjoy an article I was interviewed for by the leading women’s magazine, She Knows.

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