With Valentine’s Day approaching…

After many years with a partner, Valentine’s Day might not have the same thrill it did when you celebrated your first Valentine’s Day together. Romantic dinners are replaced with long waits at restaurants, piled in with lovers celebrating their love together, enough to disgust the singles out there. Romantic overtones of flowers and chocolates have been replaced with $80.00 roses, just perfect for the occasion, $50.00 Godiva chocolates, and if you are lucky, jewelry with a heart diamond.

This Valentine’s day, try something new and different. If you are always on the go and eating out at restaurants, on Feb 14th stay at home. Valentine’s day lands on a Saturday this year so plan a sexy day at home. Go out and buy “The Seduction Cookbook” or other cookbooks that are similar and sit with your partner and plan a delicious, erotic meal, and don’t forget the wine or dessert! Melt some chocolate in a fondue maker (a pot will also work) and buy some fruits such as bananas, strawberries, blackberries, and even some pound cake. Take turns feeding each other. Put chocolate places you want your lover to lick. If you do not have children or they are not home this day, spice it up by celebrating this day naked and eating dessert naked. (but you probably want to wear clothes while cooking, you don’t want to burn anything)

And for gifts, plan a trip to your local sex toy shop and pick out an item you both want to try for the night. With such busy schedules, some people do not have the time to put so much work and effort into their sex lives, use this time on Saturday. The whole day will be exciting with new toys try in the end. My recommendation for a couple’s sex toy would be “the couple’s love ring” or vibrating penis rings. This is a jelly ring that is worn around the penis. It has a bullet vibration that sits at the top of the penis and an additional one at the base that is removable. When a woman sits on top of it, it should be hitting directly on her clitoris. Since only 30-40% of women orgasm through intercourse alone, it is important to provide some other stimulation to the clitoris. Just make sure you get one that is reusable with batteries.

And remember, love should be celebrated every day, not just Feb. 14th.

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