Selecting the right therapist for you…

I frequently get calls from friends and family wanting to know what they should look for when selecting a therapist. My advice: In this age of specialization you should be able to select a therapist who has expertise in your very specific area of concern. Second, studies show that up to 45% of the effectiveness of therapy depends on how well you connect with your therapist. Is their personality compatible with your personality? Are they actively involved in helping you create solutions or do they simply nod and sigh? Either approach is okay depending on your style, however if you are conscious of what you want you are upping your odds for success. Third, I tell my friends to select a therapist that is active in the professional community. None of us has all the answers, but the best therapists are tapped into a broader network of experts we can consult with or refer you to. Lastly, the pink elephant in the room is often economics. It is important that you select a therapist whose fees are within your budget. If paying with a credit card or insurance is important to you, then be sure to ask about it. And by the way, the right therapist who is more expensive per hour may still turn out to be less expensive, if he or she can help you achieve your goals quickly. At the end of the day, remember one thing, the really good therapists are only concerned with one thing and that is that you get the best possible care.

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