Yo partners!

I saw a patient today….she always makes me smile. She’s 74 and so upbeat and positive. She came in a few months ago complaining that her libido just wasn’t what it used to be, orgasms were getting harder to achieve and just weaker. We worked with her on some hormone treatments and she is, to all of our delight, doing GREAT. But today we also talked about the vibrator we had given her and how much fun she has with it and the great orgasms she’s having with it. During the conversation with me she said something which really resonated. She said she is so grateful to her partner (her husband of 50 some odd years) because he was so supportive of the vibrator. She said if he had acted like there were something wrong with using it, or that there was something wrong with her for liking to use it, she never would have felt comfortable with it. But there he was, all happy as a lark to go along with something that gave her so much pleasure and their sex life is better than ever.

So there’s a lesson to you, all of you partners out there (and at some point everyone is a partner of some sort!) Be supportive. Be open. Be happy to try new things. Don’t be defensive. Don’t be close-minded. Your sex life (and your partner’s) will be the better for it!

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