Telling other people what to do…

I just started a new book, The Porn Trap. It’s making me really pissed off.

Basically it starts out by saying that porn is addictive and harmful, just like drugs and alchohol. Keep away from it. It’s bad for you. I haven’t read the whole book yet and I don’t like passing judgement on things I haven’t read in their entirety, but frankly the premise bothers me. Last I saw, alchohol was not illegal, and taken in moderation it was making alot of people’s lives more enjoyable. I don’t think alchohol should be banned because it can be abused. Nor do I think porn should be banned! Used in moderation, porn makes alot of people’s sex lives (whether solo or partnered) more fun, creative, interesting.

Strikingly to make their point in the first chapter, the authors describe someone who gets so turned on from porn she can orgasm from looking at it, without any physical contact. This scared her they say. She felt “out of control.” Yo. If I could find something to give my patients that could produce orgasms so easily, I’d think they hit pay dirt. To ban it, because it has the potential to become addictive is to use that old and so tired slippery slope argument. (You know, you go down that road and next thing you know you’ll be skating for your life down a slippery slope that you can never climb out of.)

I am not making light of porn addiction. I know it’s a serious and growing problem and it needs to be addressed. But much like alchoholism, I don’t think the answer is removing all alchohol from society. So here’s to a glass of wine at dinner and maybe some well-used erotica.

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