Am I normal?!

This question gets asked to me more than any other. Am I normal?

I hate oral sex. Am I normal? I LOVE oral sex more than anything. Am I normal? I don’t have orgasms from intercourse. Am I normal? I can only have orgasms from intercourse. Am I normal?

I fantasize about women even though I’m heterosexual. Am I normal? I fantasize about men who are not my husband. Am I normal? I fantasize about 200 men. Am I normal? I don’t fantasize at all. Am I normal?

I only really want sex 2 times a month. Am I normal? I want sex every day. (You guessed it, everyone together now…) AM I NORMAL?”

Okay guys, let me let you into a little secret…YOU ARE NORMAL!!!!!!!

The reality is that sexual likes, dislikes, fantasies, experiences, desires are very varied… and there is a huge range of what is normal. The better questions you should be asking yourselves are: Do I truly know what I like and dislike? Does what I like or desire work for me? Does it work for my partner? If the answer to THESE questions are “no”…then you should address them. Not because you are not “normal” but because your sex life isn’t working for you. And what should you do about that? That, my dear normal friends (sigh) will have to wait for other blog entries.

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