Getting Off On TV

For some of my female patients, just hearing me say the word “porn” makes them cringe, look away and change the subject. At this point, I feel like I have lost them into an abyss of discomfort and the conversation about watching anything to get turned on hits a wall. So I thought, what about …

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Talking Heads

Idealistic Sex vs Realistic Sex

In our center, we are often troubleshooting with patients when it comes to creating a sex life that feels sustainable on a regular, non-vacation basis. While each case is different and every relationship has its unique challenges, what often emerges from patients are idealistic notions about sex that may sound nice and appealing, but are …

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Falling Back to Spring Forward

With the ending of Daylight Saving Time, I’ve been noticing that numerous patients seem to be feeling down, more anxious and less vibrant. I saw that the Fall TV Special (created in 1966)   “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” aired recently. That reminded me of the Broadway musical “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,” particularly …

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How does sex change with age?

Here is another great video on the Business Insider website of our clinical director, Bat Sheva Marcus! In this particular video she discusses how sex changes as people age and reveals how much sex is good for a marriage.

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Just not that into it: Coping with depression.

Depression is a fairly common condition but is widely misunderstood and misdiagnosed (or not diagnosed at all). For starters, depression doesn’t always look like the way people may imagine it; slumped on the couch in front of the TV for hours, wearing the same pajamas from last week (unwashed), not answering the phone, and saying …

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Does pornography get a bad rap?

Have you ever thought about introducing porn into your relationship? Do you ever wonder if porn is a good thing, a bad thing or simply what the big deal is about? Well, our very own clinical director, Bat Sheva Marcus, is featured in this video discussing pornography and tips on how to approach this subject …

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Addyi (flibanserin) Update

Addyi will be available in pharmacies on October 17th. The medical staff at Maze is all set to prescribe Addyi. We have passed the required exams and are certified prescribers. We are looking forward to offering this medication when we feel it is appropriate. It does seem this medication works best for women who had …

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