Will Routine Pelvic Exams Continue To Be Routine?

I recently read an article in by Roni Caryn Rubin, entitled “Pelvic Exams May Not Be Needed”. I have always embraced the belief that less is more, but not necessarily when it comes to health and disease prevention. This article analyzes the pros and cons of pelvic exams. It is currently standard that gyn …

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The Birds and the Bees

I often listen to the Podcast, This American Life. If you haven’t ever heard it, I encourage you to try it. Each episode consists of three sections which revolve around one general theme. The stories are often riveting, the reporting excellent and often I learn something new. A recent episode, entitled The Birds and the …

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With all the tragedies in the news lately, it’s hard not to crawl up in a ball and hide under our covers. Feelings of stress and impotence abound. When we are anxious, we feel more threatened by any challenges confronting us. When we are extremely distressed, our bodies may shut down – to the point where we are …

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Voices of Vaginismus

Vaginismus is not usually the kind of condition you learn about from a Facebook status, a social event, or in some cases, even a trip to the doctor.    It typically exists in silence.  In our Vaginismus Forum, there are frequently posts from women sharing not just about the pain of living with unresolved vaginismus, …

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Yes Mike, there is a G –Spot.

Last week, while teaching a basic HIV prevention class to a group of 8th  graders it came to question time and a hand immediately went up from the back of the class, stretched as high as possible. I expected one of the usual questions: “Is it better to use 2 condoms? Where does HIV come …

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What’s Wrong?

A recent article was published in the New York Times that I found really interesting.   It’s called “Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person”; catchy title, I know, but I don’t think it’s a depressing read. The premise of the article is basically that we go into relationships with unrealistic expectations of love, marriage and …

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Putting Pleasure into Sex Education

My younger patients, twenty and under, are often confused and seem a little uncomfortable when I ask them about their “Desire” for sex.  Their answers include: “fine,” or “ok.”  I will then try and make them more comfortable and normalize the idea that sexual desire is a normal and healthy part of life. Many women …

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Because Sex is Not Just About Sex

Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail I recently received. I LOVED getting this e mail, not only because it was good news, which is always nice to get, but because I believe the writer highlighted something so crucial- how quickly sexual issues can snowball and affect the entire relationship even when a couple loves each …

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Slowing Down Inside

Meditation is nothing new, but it’s become a lot more popular these days. And that’s a good thing. I used to think that meditation meant sitting for a long period of time and having a blank mind.  I’d meet people who told me they meditate for a half hour each morning and I felt like …

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