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No “Normal” Down There

Why is it that so many of us go through our lives without looking deeply at our sexual self? There are few aspects of our lives that produce as much shame as sexuality, and the need to be “normal.”  Society has created this mythical notion of what is “normal” or “ideal.”  The normal weight, the …

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Invest for Success

The perpetual challenge of achieving work/life balance is an issue that is relevant to many.  It comes up frequently here, not just in the stresses that bring people to treatment but even in the mere scheduling of appointments.   I recently read a moving speech given by Kim Clark, former Dean of Harvard Business School, …

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A young adult patient at Maze Women’s Health was discussing her difficulty in finding new friends as her old ones are becoming more involved in their own romantic relationships and spending less time with her. Even as babies, we are programmed to form relationships. During our pre-school years, we are constantly exposed to many experiences which help us with the …

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An Erotic Theme Park?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, someone proves you wrong! Brazil is planning on building an erotic theme park. You can’t make this stuff up. They think it will be a big draw, and I’m guessing they are right. They are marketing it, however, as an educational program with information on the history …

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Nipplegasms are Real

I am always looking for new and interesting ways to educate patients on how to have orgasms with non-intercourse sex (as that is indeed how most women have orgasms.) Positions, play and exploration are all great ways to explore erogenous zones, but sometimes it is helpful to have a little more direction. A patient recently …

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Inside and Out

As a therapist, I often hear my patients share similar feelings about the frustration they feel in their respective challenges.  A common sentiment is,  “overall, my life is going well and anyone would look at me on the outside and think I’m good, but they have no clue how much I am struggling day-to-day.” The …

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Ladies First

Televised dating games began in the 1960’s with the premier of “The Dating Game.” On that show, a man would select one woman from a panel of 3 choices hidden behind a screen, with whom to go on a date solely based on his interview questions.  The same format was used for a woman choosing …

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The Multi Effects of Sexual Dysfunction

Most of our patients have fairly busy lives that require juggling multiple roles and responsibilities.  When there is a sexual issue, life continues to be busy, and the sexual issue can easily get thrown to the “later” pile. But sexual dysfunction affects more than sex, and with time the pain becomes more palpable. Here are …

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One Patient’s Struggle & Triumph Over Vaginismus

22-year-old Savannah shares her story with Self Magazine.  I treat patients with vaginismus every single day. Each patient has their own unique story. I admire their bravery for having the courage to conquer what is sometimes their greatest fear in life. I recently worked with a patient who became increasingly passionate about sharing her story …

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