Virtual Options For Sex Therapy

For many of us, sex is a vital part of our lives and  relationships. When there are problems in this area, knowing that  you want help is half the battle and finding the right help may be the other half! At Maze Women’s Health in New York, we are able to reach and help women from across the globe. While that is wonderful, it is not actually practical for many women who seek our expertise for a variety of sexual issues.

And so, in order to be able to help guide and ideally suggest options for our far flung women, we recently introduced The Exploratory Consultation.  While the consultation  is virtual or by phone, and is not intended as an actual medical encounter with formal diagnosis or treatment, it does enable the participant to speak with one of our specialized sex therapists.

The goals of the consultation will be to hear your concerns, assess your situation, and provide guidance for treatment. This will help you find possible answers as well as next steps. While we may be far from you geographically, thanks to technology, we are as close as we can be for you. We are here to help, no matter where you are.

Contact us for more information or schedule a free phone consult.

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