Flexy Sexy

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Ben and Jerry. Meghan and Harry. Some things just go better together.

The same can be said for flexibility and sex. When you think of this fine pairing, what comes to mind? The splits? Yogic athleticism? Double-jointedness? Sure, muscular-skeletal pliability may be an asset during sexual engagements. But I’m talking about flexibility of the mind.

Because the brain is our most important sex organ, it’s comforting to know that it has the ability to adapt. This potential is clinically referred to as “neuroplasticity”, but all you need to remember is that the brain is trainable.

Scientists acknowledge that the brain has more flexibility as it’s developing. Adults, therefore, have to make a concerted effort to introduce new concepts and make them stick. But when you’re seeking more satisfying sex, putting in the time is a most worthy endeavor.

If you’re experiencing a sexual rut; if you feel like it’s impossible to tune out the seemingly endless to-do list while you’re being intimate with your partner; if you can’t accommodate some self-pleasure in your schedule: take charge and be a sexual change agent. Mindfulness techniques, strategizing with a counselor or coach, perusing our website – any of these neuro-gymnastic events can help you get loose, limber up, and look forward to better sex!   

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