If You Like “Bridgerton,” Try This..

Finally finally FINALLY got to watch S1E1 of “Bridgerton.” Where have I been? Under a rock? More like under an entire quarry. But everyone’s running behind on at least a few objectives of late, am I right?

Now, since literally everyone and their mother has written just about everything there is to say on the subject, I’ll just jot down some thoughts through my Maze-colored glasses. AND make sure to check out the recent Sex Points Live covering some of the controversial sex scenes in Bridgerton.

Fans devour this show because it’s pure, unadulterated F A N TA S Y.  But the attraction is different for each and every viewer. So to that end, let’s dedicate VDay 2021 to ourselves, to our fantasies, and to ensuring that our realities get a shot of positivity as result.

This has been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad year. So we recommend that you  absolutely dedicate time and effort to some daily self-loving. Out of ideas? Let Shonda Rhimes’ glorious gift to us all help you get there! How? Think about the show’s specific elements that melt your butter. The sex is hot, indeed. But you can also fantasize about dressing up in costume, or time travel, OR being one of the characters. Maybe the allure is the sexy settings (a grand estate? a backstage closet?) or the thought of all that sexual chemistry underneath the cordiality and corsets.

Use these fantasies to spice things up during masturbation or with a partner. You can share your thoughts or keep them to yourself – just allow yourself some time to let your ideas and imagination simmer. There’s no right or wrong, so enjoy the view on your tv and the one in your mind!

For more information, or if you have any questions about your sexual health, contact us for a free phone consult.

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