Vibing Through Quarantine

At this point in the shelter-at-home adventure, you’ve no doubt received copious amounts of advice on just about everything. Care and feeding of your sourdough starter? You’re covered. Kicking off your new accordion-playing career? The internet has your back. There’s even lots of sex and relationship guidance floating about.

But let’s talk about something you need every day in order to sustain our current LTT (long-term temporary): TIME ALONE. Now, I’m not here to curate this very precious commodity for you, because you would resent me immediately (and I wouldn’t blame you one bit). Some people need to count on the same daily solo activities to maintain their sanity. Others need to change things up. But to all of you, I say – how about investing in something pleasurable that’s just for you? Yes, I’m talking about vibrators!

“Vibrators,” you ask? Yes – vibrators! I know what you’re thinking: “but…vibrators are, well, kind of loud.” I get it – the last thing you want when you’re trying to score some much-needed me-time is your 8-year-old inquiring after that strange buzzing noise emanating from the bathroom.

But have no fear – you can purchase vibrators that are extra-quiet. There are waterproof varieties that you can disguise thanks to the sound of running water. And if you just can’t part with your very favorite toy, use that running water (or white noise app/YouTube video) to your advantage!
This is no time to relinquish that which can bring you joy, stress release and a strong sense of self-care. So, whether you go with the tried-and-true or choose to experiment with something new, explore and have fun! Ready to do something for yourself? Contact us for a FREE phone consultation and check out our How to Choose a Vibrator Series.

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