The Secrets of Sex Therapy

In a world where click-bait reigns supreme, this blog title just might have grabbed you. And maybe I’ve got your attention for approximately 35 seconds. So I’ll make this quick.

There really is nothing salacious about treating sexual issues. Of course, there are physiological factors to diagnose and address, but equally critical is the practice of effective communication. Although I spend my fair share of time educating patients about the importance of understanding reactive patterns, the use of “I” statements, the value of date nights, and of switching things up between the sheets, it never ceases to amaze me that people are unable to express their sexual preferences to their partners. When that is the case, boredom ensues, resentments build, and avoidance of sex evolves into an Olympic sport. 

Trust me – the awkwardness of sharing with your partner what you find pleasurable is NOTHING compared to the suffering you’ll experience later on, especially in long-term relationships. And many need to back up the truck even further and be a little selfish for a time. If YOU don’t know what makes you feel good, how can you even communicate this to anyone else? 

Your sexual health needs attention just like any other system in the body! So, get out there, get curious, and get your partner on board. 

We understand that this won’t be easy, so if you need guidance. We’re here to help. Contact us for a free phone consultation.

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