Sex in the Media: Marc Maron’s “End Times Fun”

If you’re in the mood for stand-up comedy that’s raw, intelligent, insightful, and explicit, I can’t recommend more highly Marc Maron’s new Netflix special entitled “End Times Fun.” Believe it or not, it was recorded before the pandemic! Prophetic? Hmmmmm…

Well, even if Maron didn’t employ his self-admitted interest in mysticism during this performance that was captured in December of last year, the title fits, like a glove. Some of you may already be fans of his famed “WTF” podcast, his character Sam Silvia on Netflix’s “Glow,” his IFC series “Maron” and his other standup, but even if you’re not, I suggest giving this a spin.

Maron covers a variety of topics and a few of his riffs are sexual in nature. Some viewers might find his bits offensive, but comedians are not people pleasers. Maron is no exception, so buyer beware. However, of note is his exposition on a typical boy’s sexual discovery that leads right into an exquisite piece on ethics and consent. While he is a self-proclaimed feminist, he admits that one’s conviction about a social theory isn’t without its challenges.

Maron is nothing if not brutally honest, and his exposition is articulate and compelling. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think! 

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