A Lesson in Orgasm Equity

Ah, the elusive orgasm.  For some, orgasmic release can be a challenge.  Orgasm for women centers around the clitoris.  Did you know that the clitoris is the ONLY organ in the human body (male or female) that is designed exclusively for pleasure?  Pretty awesome, we think!  The clitoris was actually not well understood until it was fully mapped in 2009 by French researchers.  At this point, we finally understood that the clitoris was more than just the “glans,” which is the part that protrudes at the top of the vulva.  Did you know the clitoris actually has “legs,” that extend down alongside the labia minora (on the inside, so you can’t see them)?  These “legs” allow access to the clitoris through vaginal stimulation, which may provide pleasure for some women.  Some think that the “G” spot is actually not a spot, but rather the ability to tap into and stimulate the legs of the clitoris from the inside of the vagina! 

Despite what you may have read, no orgasm is inherently “better” than the other. However, the implication that the vaginally activated orgasm is the gold standard has become deeply ingrained in many sexual cultures. Thus, some women will say they cannot achieve an orgasm, even though they are fully capable of achieving an orgasm through non-vaginal means.  Women need to understand they should not feel as if they have failed, despite not meeting this very false, gold standard.

Whether you are accessing the clitoris from the outside or inside, the bottom line is that all roads lead to the, you guessed it – the clitoris.  Any orgasm is a clitoral orgasm, and is achieved by sexual stimulation.  Whether you get there by yourself or a with a partner, through vaginal stimulation or external stimulation, a vibrator or hand or a mouth – all orgasms are created equal.  Be proud of your ability to find pleasure, and communicate your preferences with your partner.  If after reading this, you still believe you have never been able to achieve an orgasm – reach out for help.  The sexual health experts at Maze Women’s Health can help you find your unique “O.” Contact us for a free phone consultation.

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