Orgasm Goals

Are you in the market for orgasmic improvement? Good for you –you get an A+ in the priorities department! But, let’s take a minute to explore what can sometimes pre-empt your ticket to paradise. Specifically, I’m talking about expectations.

The Oxford Dictionary defines “expectation” as:

  • “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future”
  • “a belief that someone will or should achieve something”

What are your expectations around having an orgasm? This can depend on a lot. How much do you rely on others (ie the chatter of friends, movie lines, porn, social media, etc.) to make sense of what an orgasm should feel like? What kind of education and experience do you have regarding sex, interpersonal relationships, and masturbation? What messages did you receive about all of these things when you were growing up?

While there aren’t “different kinds” of orgasms (at least not physiologically), everybody experiences them in an intensely personal way. The best way to determine whether you are getting the most out of your orgasms is to explore – on your own and/or with a partner.

Are you bored? Try a new form of stimulation (like a brand new vibrator that bears no resemblance to your current one), or let your imagination run wild with fantasy or role-playing (or maybe reign it in with mindfulness exercises that can help you really let go). Are your orgasms just not what they used to be? That could be caused by a medication you’re taking or hormonal changes.

We understand that there are many types of orgasm challenges, but we can help! Plans for diagnosis and treatment are just a call away; our free 10-minute phone consult can help you determine your best next steps toward some good times ahead.

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