We Need To Talk About Sex

Despite being inundated with sexual images and ideas on TV, movies, advertising, fashion, magazines, etc., sex remains a difficult subject to discuss. When a patient at Maze Women’s Health tells me she feels so relieved to have found an open space to talk about her sexual health, I feel gratified…and a bit sad. I’m glad to help, but sad that she has felt so alone.

Why is sex such an underdiscussed topic? Is it that we find it so hard to listen? Or that we feel so much shame talking about it? Or perhaps is it something even more fundamental – do we have a right to the fulfillment of our sexual needs?

When women come to Maze reporting low desire, lack of arousal, difficulty with orgasm, or pain they almost can’t believe there are treatment options available. Actually, there are many different choices and alternatives for every sexual wellness function.

When talking with a partner, whether it be about desire, pain, body insecurities, or fantasies, we are sticking our necks out and risking criticism or rejection. Ironically, we need to be vulnerable and have good partner communication to have a good partnered sex life. Talking about sex is the way to have better sex! We need to get more comfortable with verbal intercourse. When we talk about something challenging, we’re putting it out there and can tackle it – otherwise it gets locked inside and festers. Let’s get talking so we can get rolling!

If you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction and looking for a place to talk about it, contact us for a free phone consultation.

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