How Can We Even Think About Sex at a Time Like This…?

We’ve all been thrown into an alternate universe that no one could have foreseen. We’re needing to make all kinds of adjustments as we navigate these unchartered health, work, educational, social, and economic waters. So, sex might be the last thing on your mind (or, you might feel super-hyped for some sexual healing, especially as we are being directed to keep ourselves far from others).

For those in the former category: it’s okay. Stress and sex rarely go together, and it’s completely understandable that you need to prioritize other activities currently. But, if you are partnered and you are sheltering with that person (and you are both healthy), consider this:

  • Sex releases stress. Endorphins rush, oxytocin abounds, and the afterglow relaxes.
  • Sex brings us closer together emotionally. Now more than ever, we need to connect with others.
  • Sex can take your mind off of all that ails right now, even if just for a little while. Being present with someone you love is the best kind of distraction.
  • Sex affirms our humanity – it reminds us that we are here, that we’re showing up in the world, even when the skies seem dark.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to how to cope right now, and only you can decide when you want to be intimate with someone else. So take life moment-by-moment, and know that if the mood strikes and your partner consents, sex can be a very effective, fun, and meaningful escape.

If you’re unsure how to navigate your sex life at the moment, Maze is happy to offer therapy via telehealth. Contact us for more information.

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