Restack the Deck, Here Comes FemTech

There’s a glaring double-standard when it comes to sexual health. A prime example is in the field of “FemTech,” a term coined by Ida Tin. It’s technology designed to improve women’s sexuality and health.

The Ose, a blended orgasm sex toy was up for the Innovation Award at the Consumer Electronic’s Show in Las Vegas. Later, it was deemed “immoral” by the Consumer Technology Association and disqualified from showing at the exhibition. After much pushback it was reinvited and declared the award winner. Seriously?!

Although FemTech lags well behind MenTech there has been a rise in technology with women’s bodies in mind. Here are a number of recent entrepreneurial developments:

  • Kristy Chong created “modibodi,” a period and incontinence underwear.
  • Flex” is a leak proof period cup.
  • NextGen Jane” is researching diagnostic tampons which has the potential to aid 200 million women.
  • MIT has a “Make the Breast Pump Not Suck Project” in the works.
  • There is the “Elvie Pump” which is a silent wearable breast pump. Elvie also has a Kegel trainer to strengthen your pelvic floor.
  • The “OhNut” funded by a Kickstarter project is a stretchy penis -spacer whose purpose is to reduce women’s sexual pain and enhance pleasure.
  • There’s an IVF app called “Bonzun” founded by Bonnie Roupe.
  • KaNDy Therapeutics is working on an alternative menopause treatment to reduce hot flashes and night sweats.

There are 5X as many studies focused on erectile dysfunction than there are for PMS. Women need the support of venture capitalists, who are mostly men, but we also need the confidence, courage, and self trust to innovate in the FemTech world and deal with the uncomfortable issues we have been facing since forever. Ida Tin who also cofounded the period tracking app “Clue” says “when women understand their bodies, they can better navigate the world. And when people live freely and well with their biology and body, that gives them strength and a voice.” Amen to that!

If you’re looking to better understand your body or any sexual dysfunction that you’re experiencing, contact us for a free phone consultation.

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