Use It Or Lose It

You may have heard the term “use it or lose it” about your vagina and thought it was tongue in cheek. It isn’t.

Recently, I was talking to some people in our marketing department and I mentioned the “use it or lose it” principal and they started to laugh. “Well that’s just an expression, isn’t it?” one of them asked.

“Actually, no, not really. It’s a real thing.” I said.   They looked at me dumbfounded. “Really??”  “Uh, yes.” I said.

It is a real thing. If it doesn’t make sense to you, think about other parts of your body. If, for example, you never used your legs, they would get much weaker, tighten up, or atrophy. One thing’s for sure:  they wouldn’t work well. Let’s consider your eyes. If you have read the book “Room” where a young boy was born and raised in a small room where his mother was held captive, you might remember that when they finally escaped captivity his eyes couldn’t focus further than 5 feet, the size of the room. Essentially the muscles that you use in your eyes, while totally unconscious, get activated just by focusing both far and near and by jumping back and forth when they are converging on an object. That is how they are “exercised.”

Your vagina works the same way as any other body part. It has muscles that are used if something is inserted. The muscles stretch and then go back to their resting state. Imagine a turtle neck sweater. Your vagina is not a free standing tube, it’s a potential space, and like the turtle neck, it stretches when something is pushed through it and then bounces back when that thing is removed. That is, if all is working well. But, if your vagina hasn’t been used, the muscles can get stiff or tight, and then there may be pain when you try to insert something.

If a muscle does not get any use, the body will eventually break it down to conserve energy. Also, if there is blood moving in and out of your vagina (because of insertion or stimulation of any sort) the tissue stay healthier and plumper. If you don’t have much blood flow in any part of your body, muscles can atrophy.

The thing is, if you are not having sex, it gets easy to forget your poor vagina. It’s easier to remember to use a leg or an arm because they are so visible. But, you would never spend a year or two ignoring one of those, would you? And if you did, you wouldn’t really expect it to function the same way it used to, without some serious rehabilitation. So let’s think of our vaginas in the same way!

You really do need to use (or exercise) your vagina if you want it to be there for you when you need it. You can do that by inserting dilators, dildos, or vibrators into you vagina. You can masturbate to orgasm which increases blood flow or you can have vaginal intercourse. The idea is that you need to take care of your vagina, like any other part of your body. And then, your vagina will stay happy and healthy.

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