What is an emotional orgasm?

Some women have asked me why they “freak out” after they have an orgasm. It’s a great question and here’s at least part of the answer…

Just prior to, and at the time of orgasm a cocktail of hormones are “released.” Every person’s is slightly different. As a matter of fact every orgasm can be different! That’s why sometimes you probably have littler (less emotional) orgasms and sometimes you have “blockbusters.” Different women respond differently to the intense orgasms. Some women feel happy, excited, exhausted, emotionally close to their partner, like they are going to pass out, like there are fireworks in their head. Some people respond with emotions that feel wonderful, or out of control or both. Many women say that their “emotions come to the surface,” in a way they usually don’t.

If every single time you orgasm you begin to cry or feel really sad, you may want to discuss it with a therapist to see if there is some underlying concern that only comes to the surface when you are having an orgasm. Sometimes the fragile state you’re in after an orgasm can allow you to experience emotions you don’t otherwise allow yourself to.

However you respond, it’s fine! Try to learn to enjoy your own individual response and “go with the emotional flow.” And above all… enjoy those orgasms!

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