Great Sex for Your Whole Life: Challenges and Solutions

Studies have found that nearly 50% of women will be dissatisfied with their sex lives during some time of their life.  There are many factors that can cause sexual problems, some of which may be tied to the age or life stage of the woman.  Here are some top sexual problems women experience in their 30s, 40s, and 50s and some different ways to address them:

The Thirties

Problem: Body image concerns after babies.
Solution: Talk to your partner.  Ask him what he finds most desirable about you.  Try to focus on this aspect of yourself – if it’s your shoulders, think about wearing more revealing shirts and take time to notice yourself.   If it’s your eyes, use makeup and really focus on your eyes. Problem: Pain with intercourse after childbirth.
Solution:  It is common for women to have pain with intercourse after giving birth.  Ask your doctor if you need estrogen and use a lot of lubricant.  Make sure you go slowly, but don’t stop having intercourse.  The truth is that the more you do it, the less the pain should be.  If the pain continues or is too much to allow for intercourse, ask your gynecologist about using vaginal dilators.

The Fourties

Problem: Vaginal dryness.
Solution: Ask your doctor if you need estrogen and find a lubricant that you love.  They come in so many varieties and flavors.  Lubrication is like shampoo, every woman has to find her own favorite. Make sure that you have a lubrication that you use happily.

Problem: Lack of desire.
Solution: If this has been going on for more than 10 months and nothing significant has changed in your relationship, it’s probably time to see a specialist and look at hormonal treatment.  Testosterone or DHEA-s can be very helpful in these situations.

The Fifties 

Problem: Difficulty reaching orgasm or weaker orgasms.
Solution: Talk to your doctor about prescribing buproprion (Wellbutrin), which can be very helpful to some women in this situation.  Now is a great time to explore the world of vibrators if you haven’t yet.  They can make all the difference.

Problem: Pain with intercourse.
Solution: Ask your doctor if you need estrogen.  Order vaginal dilators (online or through your physician’s office) and find the size that you can insert with the minimal amount of pain.  Use the dilator every night for 10 minutes, moving up to the next size in a week to 10 days.  You should be pain free in a matter of weeks.

For more information, you can watch our collection of videos about Sex at Different Life Stages. No matter which age group you fall into, or what problems you’re experiencing, we’re here to help. Contact us for a free phone consultation

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