Welcome Vyleesi! Another Option For Treating HSDD/Low Libido

The FDA just approved a second drug for low desire in Women. It’s called Vyleesi (bremelanotide) and we want to welcome it into our practice. As usual, there are the naysayers out there who feel like trying to treat a sexual condition with a drug is absurd, but you know I don’t believe that.  Women’s sexual responses are a complicated mix of their relationship issues, body image, hormones, brain functions and expectations. Vyleesi is a drug that activates melanocortin receptors and results in “more desire” and “less distress due to low desire.”  Translated, that means that women who used Vyleesi became more interested in having sex once they used the drug.

Like any other drug, you need to use it responsibly and make sure that you are using it for the right condition. (Read: it’s not going to help your orgasm). And then, use it a few times and see if/how it helps. If it doesn’t, discontinue it’s use. Trust yourself. You are a smart consumer and know what works for you. Or come in and see us and let us work with you to see if this is the right drug for you.

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