Sexual Pain Is Not Okay

Many women come to Maze Women’s Health after visiting a number of doctors who have dismissed their complaints of painful sex. Either they don’t see anything wrong and conclude it’s all in their head or they just don’t have the skill set to diagnose and treat this.

I was pleased to come across the following article: How 5 Experts Define Sexual Pain Because It Can Be Tricky To Describe. At Maze we ask women to be specific when describing vulvar/vaginal discomfort as it can feel like: tearing, burning, stinging, itching, throbbing, tightness, bruising, pounding, sandpaper, friction, colliding, jabbing, stabbing, sharp, abdominal pressure, soreness etc.

The article also emphasizes that painful sex is not something one needs to tolerate or justify to a partner. I have heard too many women say that they just “white knuckle it” and that’s not okay. Or, they feel bad about their performance – as if sex is a performance and not an experience. Afterall the basis of sex is for pleasure and connection – isn’t it?!

Many women experience painful sex and suffer for years before finding relief. If you are suffering from painful sex, we can help. Call or contact us for a free phone consultation.

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