There is Help for Vaginal Pain

It’s unlikely that British philosopher Francis Bacon imagined that his phrase “knowledge is power” would find its way into the blog of a sexual dysfunction clinic centuries after he coined it. But In an interview with Scienceline, our Clinical Director, Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, recalls his words of wisdom when she says: “It breaks my heart that women feel like they’re crazy and there’s no help for them, because this is really treatable”.

Women often experience vaginal pain and seek diagnosis and treatment. Sadly, surprisingly, and all too often, their gynecologists lack training in this area. And where there is little information, there is commonly little hope.

The Scienceline article focuses on two types of vaginal pain: vaginismus (the involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles that prevents penetration) and vulvodynia (pain, irritation and/or burning of the vulva). Dr. Marcus and other experts answer questions about these conditions so that women can gain both knowledge and power that will lead them to strategies, solutions and improved quality of life.

If you suffer from vaginismus, vulvodynia or any other type of vaginal or pelvic pain, please contact us for a free 10-minute phone consult. We’ll help you determine best next steps toward healing.

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