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Over the years, we’ve created an extensive tool box of recommended products and solutions for our patients. Whether they’re having difficulty reaching orgasm or experiencing pelvic discomfort or experiencing pain during intercourse, we have discovered a variety of  products that can help. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Womanizer

For some women a traditional vibrator’s direct stimulation is too intense to help achieve orgasm. The womanizer is a great alternative because it stimulates the clitoris without direct pressure as it uses suction instead of vibration and comes with six levels of intensity. Click here to and follow these steps to help you find the vibrator that’s right for you. 

The O-Shot (aka Orgasm Shot)

If a woman is having a hard time achieving orgasm, feels her orgasms are too weak, or is experiencing minor urinary incontinence, the O-Shot may be a great option. The procedure, which involves injecting platelet rich plasma into the genital area, is fast and painless. While there have been no large-scale studies, our patients who have tried the procedure have reported stronger orgasms, increased natural lubrication, and decreased urinary incontinence. Lean More.


Dilators are used to eliminate the pelvic pain some women experience during intercourse. Although the pain may be caused by different conditions, consistent dilation helps many of them, as the goal is to stretch tight vaginal muscles and create greater flexibility. Dilators also allow women, who have fear of penetration to overcome those fears and they keep the vaginal muscles working without having a regular sexual partner. Dilators allow for relaxing and stretching or re-stretching the vaginal muscles safely and without any side effects.

These are just a few of our favorite products. Have some fun exploring and checkout more of our recommended products to find exactly the right one for you.  

Maze Women’s Health specializes in treating all types of sexual concerns. Contact us for a free phone consultation and learn how we can help. 

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